About Millie

Ever since I can remember, I have loved making things. My first memory of creating something I loved was building a wooden bird house with my grandfather. We painted it that 70's shade of green to match our house and immediately hung it in the pear tree, anticipating the arrival of it's new tenants. We built the bird house in our garage and as a young child I was captivated by the possibilities of that garage- it's smell of wood, old tools, and grease.

There wasn’t much focus on art in my childhood, but I come from a family of unionworkers and builders, so I think a lot of my work ethic and desire to make things comes from that. I was also always trying to keep up with the boys (even in a sundress) so if the kids in the neighborhood were building a skate ramp, fixing a swing set, or “digging to China,” I was the first one there with my grandpa’s tools.

I was never really that into school, but once I started high school I was totally disinterested-- until I took a ceramics class. I was immediately enamored by the process, the challenge, and how tactile it was. I didn’t start college until I was about 23 but I completed a work study with a potter in western NY (to whom I owe everything to for helping me find my way) and attended a bunch of workshops and craft schools in the years before that. I eventually graduated with a BFA from Alfred University in 2005. Since then I’ve made sculpture, created my own line of porcelain wares, organized and participated in art shows, sold my wares wholesale and retail, and taught both kids and adults ceramics. I’ve always continued making through the ups and downs in my life.

My current line, Miss Millie Ceramics, is a line of functional ceramics and mixed media jewelry. My functional pottery explores playful shapes and colors with hand painted surface designs for everyday use. My jewelry is a mixture of hand painted clay charms and foraged shells from my travels all over the world.